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Father's Day Comfort RP Starter
It was Father's Day and a sunny and happy day in Alola... well for anyone who had a father. Father's Day was Ash Ketchum's least favorite day of the year. His father left to go on a Pokémon journey when ash was 6 and the boy from pallet town hasn't heard a word from him since. Neither him or Delia were even sure if he was still alive! Ash's mother Delia knowing this would be a rough day for ash sent one of ash's friends to Alola help comfert him on this day... At 8:30 ash recived a knocked on the door he opened it to see....
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 0 452
A Babysitter at Petelburg Gym! Roleplay Starter
It was the beginning of Summer in the Hoenn Region. Max Maple the son of Petelburg City's Gym Leader had just finished a year in Roxanne's Pokémon School, but he doesn't have freedom yet. It's also his Parents' anniversary today but with May busy traveling Max is stuck with a babysitter while his parents are gone for the weekend. Max hated the idea but knew there was no point in complaining as Norman and Caroline were finishing packing up the babysitter knocked on the door. Max opened it to see....
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 0 613
A Visitor at Cerulean Gym! RP Starter
It had been 4 Years since Misty stopped traveling with Ash after she accepted (or more accurately forced into) the role of Gym Leader. As time passed she grew to enjoy her Role as leader getting to battle all kinds of foes while still being able to train several water types. Today she was getting a well deserved day off with Daisy handling challengers. As she was trying to teach her dopey Psyduck to swim outside the Gym Entrance she saw....
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 0 110
Serena Arives in Hoenn! RP Starter
It has only been a few days since Serena boarded an airplane and arrived in the hoenn region. She loved the region and her friends (especially Ash) but Serena knew she needed to become her own person and focus on being a coordinator as Palmbo suggested, this was something she needed to do on her own. It was a sunny spring day so Serena chose to practice for her first contest coming up. Her routine caught the attention of...
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 2 190
Misadventures at Oak's Ranch! RP Starter
It was A cloudy Spring day in Pallet Town. Professor Oak had left for the Kalos Region for a week to aid Professor Sycamore in some research. While he's gone the Professor is leaving the Lab and Ranch in the care of his asistant Tracey Sketchit. Tracey having been working for Oak for a few years now felt honored and confident in the task. Tracey looked over the list and was relived to see for the most part it was his usual duties with only a few extra As Tracey was getting the Pokémon food for breakfast he heard a knock at the door, Tracey answered it seeing...
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 2 437
Return to the Mirror World! RP Starter
It was a sunny Saturday in the Alola Region which meant Ash and Pikachu were off to the beach! Ash chose to go diving to perhaps find any cool items or Pokémon and ended up finding a crystal reflective wall. After the sun shined on the wall Ash and Pikachu were sucked inside! The duo washed on shore but as they would soon find out this isn't their dimension but rather the Mirror World Ash had previously visited! A dimension where everyone has an opposite personality. The two then saw....
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 2 3,835
Clemont's Mechanical Mishap! RP Starter
Things had been pretty slow lately at the Lumiose City Gym. Granted no challengers was infinitely better than Team Flare but in the past month he was lucky to get a single challenger a day! So for today Clemont put his robotic double Clembot 2.0 in charge of the gym as he begun work on a jet pack to allow faster movement! Needless to say it malfunctioned launching Clemont high in the sky and plummeting back on the ground somewhere. He was then found bruised an unconscious by....
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 2 704
A New Student! Roleplay Starter
It was an warm but not hot day on Melele island. It was the start of the new semester at Samson Oak's Pokémon School and there would be a new student enrolling! Ash being the nice guy he is volunteered to give the new student a tour. After waiting eagerly for 5 minutes in the lobby the door opened and Ash saw....
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 4 2,983
A Day With Cynthia! Roleplay
It was a sunny winter day in Jubilife City. The Association for Persevring Natural Ruins has run several raffles to preserve Sinnoh's natural beauty. These prizes ranged from a Master Ball, to a advanced underground kit. However what everyone was REALLY entering for was a trip to Cynthia's Villa and dinner with the champion herself. The lucky winner of this was ticket number 006599 and this person holding that ticket is...
:iconmanleytogekiss:ManleyTogekiss 2 1,218


Rizzo X Bianca (render) by zerosilver100 Rizzo X Bianca (render) :iconzerosilver100:zerosilver100 712 28
From One Protagonist to Another
Dear Ash, 
I know about all your journeys. 
I know about all your accomplishments. 
I know how you put yourself before others, even if the task is intense. 
I know how you'll eventually stop an evil Team, 
And end up on their shit list. 
I'm aware that you've made many friends. 
I'm aware that you've come far. 
And that you give it your all. 
But I'm also aware that every time, you fall. 
You get close to your dream, just to blow it all. 
You wear that goofy grin, in spite of everything. 
In spite of being thwarted by your own team. 
Or being roundhoused by a rival. 
Or losing to Legends. 
Or being extinguished by an Evolution. 
I know how the public sees you, 
and I know you do, too. 
They see you as weak. 
They see you as stupid. 
They see you as a failure, and they want you gone. 
And I have something to add... 
I'm sorry.
:iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 15 46
CHAOS STRANDING by Cylent-Nite CHAOS STRANDING :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 467 31 Ash Ketchum Meme 4 by Otaku-Seraph Ash Ketchum Meme 4 :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 10 24 WinampShipping Wedding~ by BrickercupMasterX3 WinampShipping Wedding~ :iconbrickercupmasterx3:BrickercupMasterX3 8 22 That Champion... by AdvanceArcy That Champion... :iconadvancearcy:AdvanceArcy 19 857 These idiots by DoremiSanyouluv These idiots :icondoremisanyouluv:DoremiSanyouluv 32 11 A Mermaid's Heart by Cascadena A Mermaid's Heart :iconcascadena:Cascadena 259 75
Left in the Care of Others. - Roleplay.
*It was around the middle of the afternoon when Professor Kukui had left the Alola Region for a special conference. This conference would be held to discuss the Creation Trio (Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina) and other mighty and powerful Pokémon, such as the likes of Lugia, Rayquaza, Regigigas, and even Ho-Oh. Unfortunately, no one under the age of 18 was allowed to attend the conference, which meant...Ash wasn't able to come. Upon hearing of that revelation, he seemed rather devastated. Kukui promised though that he would get video footage of the event and show it to Ash to make it up to him, only thing wouldn't be the same as experiencing it.
Ash was home alone for the next few hours, wondering what he should do since he had the week off from school. It would be his chance to take on the Island Trials, which he was keeping an eye on, for sure. Training would also be on his agenda as well, or perhaps he could use the week to just...relax and surf by the beach. There wer
:iconhylian-trainer:Hylian-Trainer 6 1,047
A Rainbow for Alola! - Roleplay.
*The morning seemed to have an extra level of tranquility today in the Alola Region. Ash, along with Pikachu, Rotom, Rowlet, Rockruff, and Litten were wandering around on an island far off from Melemele Island. It was known as the "Rainbow Isle". It's been hidden away from the public eye for years, perhaps centuries, but while Ash and Pikachu were canoeing across the ocean banks, they found this island due to the presence of a seemed as if it were fate that Ash had made it to this isle, as the first thing that caught his eye upon docking on the isle...were Rainbow Wing's...lots of them. These mystical feathers fell off from a mythical Pokémon, one that Ash had seen on many occasions, and of course the first legendary Pokémon he ever saw...Ho-Oh...
The island itself was massive, perhaps bigger than the Kanto/Johto Region. It had been untouched by man, as the land was coated with a thick forest, mountains, the beach, massive lakes that shrouded the place. Nothing a
:iconhylian-trainer:Hylian-Trainer 5 1,088
Embedded Item1486760695282 By Kikibean-daykfpo by skylandsonic Embedded Item1486760695282 By Kikibean-daykfpo :iconskylandsonic:skylandsonic 4 41 Ash X Lillie Kissing by AshtonSatoshiKetchum Ash X Lillie Kissing :iconashtonsatoshiketchum:AshtonSatoshiKetchum 21 1 AAML: Summer Shenanigans by Cascadena AAML: Summer Shenanigans :iconcascadena:Cascadena 234 47
Before It's Too Late... - Roleplay.
*Summer had only just arrived in the Alola Region...and yet...something felt off...very off. The air was dangerously cold for what should be a normal day, everyone felt uneasy in Hau'oli City, the Pokémon were hiding away, fearful of what was about to come...
Ash and his Pokémon were out and about, preparing for the Island Trials before he left for Akala Island. As he was training, he noticed the sky was turning a shade of dark red. He and Pikachu could feel powerful tremors that rocked the entire Island. Using Rotom's tracking system, it was able calculate that these tremors were spawning from...Mt. Coronet...the largest mountain in all of the region's...with such a massive rush to get to the mountain to stop whatever was causing the tremors, Ash was able to convince a passing boater to take him to the Sinnoh Region as quickly as possible. It took a good while, possibly a few hours, but thankfully, the tremors were still mild...for now.
Many more hours passed, and Ash had to
:iconhylian-trainer:Hylian-Trainer 4 545
Distored Cyrus: Apathy and Hated Incarnate! by Hylian-Trainer Distored Cyrus: Apathy and Hated Incarnate! :iconhylian-trainer:Hylian-Trainer 10 18 Notice Me... by Kisarasmoon Notice Me... :iconkisarasmoon:Kisarasmoon 130 107



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I think I accidentally deleted a reply to an RP has anyone sent a reply but not recived one in return?
Hmm any characters in particular you'd like an RP starter involving? I've got rough ideas for Delia, Gary, Iris, and Clemont at the moment
Oh t

Out of curiosity what do you regret saying and/or posting the most on DA? For me it's getting angry over one of my friend's real world beliefs
Really scared now I found a cockroach in my room
I've just started making a friend list if anyone considers us friends I might add you
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I guess I'll tag Lumiiose-Dreams SatoshiGekkouga Hylian-Trainer

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United States
I'm a huge Pokémon fan who loves skiing and swimming. I care a ton about the environment and wish to become a park ranger. I'm a very open minded person, and like more ships than I dislike


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